HC Petroleum Equipment is focusing on oil & gas production, well testing, crude oil field treatment, natural gas processing, and flow control systems. Its factory - Jiangsu LUDY Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. The history of the company starts in 2004 as pressure vessel and process equipment factory. During the short period, the company gained the recognition from the oilfield services and oil companies by proving its service in design and fabrication of complex oil and gas equipment. Our company is also known as one of the efficient and professional after-sales field and training service providers, not only in China, but in overseas. HC Petroleum Equipment completed a lot of international projects and also working on ongoing and coming new projects from the international market.


As the developments in various technologies, communication tools, logistics and trips open up a lot of barriers, which were hard to cross in the past, exchange in technology knowledge and experience between people becomes easier, communication between two companies located on different country becomes more convenient, and new developments in China allow local companies produce faster, cheaper and high-quality products, HC Petroleum Equipment grabs this opportunity and moves forward to open new markets and introduce more cost-effective and fast technological solutions to its customers.

Team of HC Petroleum Equipment is client-oriented and experienced in project management, design & engineering team can provide technological solutions as per western and client’s local standards, fabrication and quality inspection workers are qualified and does everything as per codes & standards. Even if the client has extreme working condition in the hottest of coldest regions of our planet, HC is able to provide adequate and safe-for-operation services and equipment.

The main focus of HC Petroleum Equipment is oil production equipment and systems, such as drilling equipment and accessories; pumping units and surface well control systems, well testing equipment for onshore and offshore operations; crude oil gathering systems (known as manifolds), early production facilities (heating, desalting, dehydration, transmission); natural gas treatment and processing facilities; process equipment for the refineries, petrochemical and gas processing plants (separators, heat exchangers, tanks, columns, heaters, filters); and flow control equipment.

The factory of HC Petroleum Equipment has obtained the certification from domestic and international agencies, such as ASME, ISO, Production License Of Special Equipmentpeople's Republic Of China(A2).


    ASME Certification


    ISO Certified


    Det Bureau Veritas(DNV)


    China Classification

    Society (CCS)


    Bureau Veritas(BV)

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    Our mission is to deliver high quality, fast and cost-effective solutions to the world through R&D, intelligent management and new technologies.
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    We see ourselves as the important player in the international market of providing engineering service and quality equipment for oil and gas industry.
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    Values & Principles
    Integrity, responsibility, respect and pioneering.
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