Wellhead Electric Heater

Wellhead Electric Heater

Wellhead Electric Heater are used to heat up pipeline media (crude oil). It is commonly used for preventing the fast-solidifying media (waxy crude oil) to block the pipeline due to the temperature loss. Surface Electric Heaters usually are supplied with Controller Panel, which enables the user for control the heater locally or remotely.

Wellhead Heater Skid consist of body with coil, skid and other steel structures, safety valve with piping, control panel with cables (from control panel to heater’s junction box).


Working Process

  • https://www.hcpetroleum.hk/imgs/products/surface_electric_heater_HC_Petroleum_Equipment_4.jpg
  • https://www.hcpetroleum.hk/imgs/products/surface_electric_heater_HC_Petroleum_Equipment_5.jpg

Technical Parameters

Model Power Liquid Gas/Vapor
Vessel size Inlet/Outlet Vessel size Inlet/Outlet
HCSH5 5 DN80*500 DN25 DN100*600 DN25
HCSH10 10 DN80*700 DN32 DN100*700 DN32
HCSH15 15 DN125*700 DN32 DN125*700 DN32
HCSH20 20 DN150*800 DN40 DN150*900 DN40
HCSH30 30 DN150*800 DN40 DN150*1000 DN40
HCSH40 40 DN200*1000 DN50 DN200*1200 DN50
HCSH50 50 DN200*1000 DN50 DN200*1200 DN50
HCSH60 60 Dn200*1200 DN50 DN250*1300 DN80
HCSH80 80 DN250*1400 DN80 DN250*1500 DN80
HCSH100 100 DN250*1600 DN80 DN300*1600 DN100
HCSH120 120 DN250*1600 DN80 DN350*1600 DN100
HCSH150 150 DN300*1600 DN100 DN350*1600 DN125
HCSH180 180 DN300*1600 DN100 DN350*1800 DN125
HCSH200 200 DN300*1800 DN100 DN400*1800 DN150
HCSH240 240 DN350*1800 DN125 2*DN300*1600 DN150
HCSH280 280 DN350*1800 DN125 2*DN350*1600 DN150
HCSH300 300 DN400*1800 DN150 2*DN350*1600 DN150
HCSH360 360 DN400*1800 DN150 2*DN350*1800 DN150
HCSH400 400 2*DN300*1800 DN150 2*DN400*1800 DN150
HCSH450 450 2*DN350*1800 DN150 2*DN400*1800 DN150
HCSH500 500 2*DN350*1800 DN150 2*DN450*1800 DN150
HCSH600 600 2*DN400*1800 DN150 2*DN450*1800 DN150
HCSH700 700 2*DN400*1800 DN150 2*DN500*1800 DN150
HCSH800 800 4*DN300*180 DN150 4*DN400*1800 DN150
HCSH900 900 4*DN350*1800 DN150 4*DN400*1800 DN150
HCSH1000 100 4*DN350*1800 DN150 4*DN450*1800 DN150
Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz 415V/50Hz
Control Box Features: local, remote, alarm, indication, IP wide range, Ex-proof
Construction Material ASTM, SA 516, A105, 316L, St.20, SA36, Q235 and other
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