Supply of Produced Water Treatment Systems for Nigeria


HK HUICHUAN INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., LIMITED (HC Petroleum Equipment) is working on Produced Water Treatment System for Nigeria. Nigeria is the one of the biggest crude oil producers in Africa and has a demand of various oilfield equipment and systems.

Currently Project Management Team of HC is working on discussion the project technical details and delivery conditions.

Produced Water Treatment Systems brief introduction.

Produced Water is the water, which comes from the well and separated from the well fluids during oil and gas production. Produced water can be separated from special-separation units, such as two-phase or three-phase separators, vertical or horizontal heaters, also, water can be separated from KO drum drums and other pressure vessel, designed for liquid-liquid or gas-liquid-liquid separators. Usually, Produced Water Treatment System is located inside of the Early Production Facility. 

After separations from well fluids, water goes to Water Treatment System to further processing.

There are several types of the Water Treatment systems.

Water treatment system is designed as per each project’s particular working and environment conditions. Depending on different water content and flow rate, particular process and structure is chosen. 

HK HUICHUAN INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., LIMITED (HC Petroleum Equipment) designs and develops various Produced Water Treatment Systems for oil and gas facilities.

As shown in the drawing, current system is skid-mounted, which allows client to get packaged equipment directly from the HC’s workshop, transport fast, and install it easily on side and complete project very fast.

HC Petroleum Equipment ensures safe and convenient process operation by providing professional and understandable control and automation system, which allows the client to operate on side or from the control room.

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