For the refinery, the most concern is how much gasoline can be refining a ton of crude oil? How much diesel? Let's let HC engineers come to answer you:

If you talk about refined oil, what kind of oil do you think of? Gasoline, diesel, ... are all products of crude oil. But, do you know that the oil extracted from oil is more or more diesel?

In fact, the ratio of gasoline to diesel is different in different regions, different quality crude oils, and refining under different conditions. Diesel is more than gasoline.

Before we get a deeper understanding, let's take a look at some common methods of crude oil refining. There are three main methods for refining:

1.Normal pressure steaming method

The crude oil is vaporized by means of a water bath heater, a branching tower, and the like, and hydrocarbons (general names of hydrocarbons) start to evaporate at different temperatures, and then the gaseous substances are cooled to a liquid, thereby producing a series of petroleum products.

Water bath heaters is also called water jacket furnace or indirect batch heater.It is widely used in oil and gas industry for medium heating to . 

2. Vacuum distillation

By reducing the pressure and lowering the boiling point, the atmospheric heavy oil is fractionated in a vacuum tower, and diesel, lubricating oil, paraffin, asphalt and the like are separated from the heavy oil.

3. Cracking method

The splitting of heavy components in petroleum into light components is a way to increase the production rate of gasoline and diesel and increase the production of gasoline and diesel.

Generally, the normal pressure extraction rate of crude oil is about 40% (affected by the nature of crude oil, processing technology, etc.), of which gasoline is about 10%, diesel is about 30%, and the rest is atmospheric residue. If the atmospheric residue is directly into the catalytic cracking unit. Generally, about 35% of gasoline, about 30% of diesel, and about 15% of liquefied gas are obtained.In this way, one ton of crude oil can refine and convert 0.31 tons of gasoline and 0.48 tons of diesel, so diesel is still relatively more.

In 2018, China's crude oil processing volume was 541 million tons, and gasoline, diesel and kerosene production were 129 million tons, 179 million tons and 39.838 million tons respectively, and the yield of refined oil was 64.4%. From this data, it is also more diesel.

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