HC Petroleum Equipment has an experienced technical team that can provide customized services according to the special needs of user. Our oil/gas separation metering device adopts skid-mounted design that can be used for oil/gas operation blocks with unstable production, large production fluctuation and relocation. The design is convenient for handling and hoisting, which can greatly save the cost of disassembly and transportation for user.

The skid-mounted oil/gas separation metering device is mainly composed of oil/gas separator, pipeline valve set, flowmeter, instrument set and electrical system. The device is not only suitable for the measurement of single-well metering of crude oil, but also can be used for the measurement of multiphase flow in various media. It has the advantages of reasonable structure and small occupation area. In addition, a computer can be used to analyze and process the measurement parameters of the instrument, and automatically generate the measurement curves and production reports of liquid/gas/water, so as to provide scientific guarantee for the realization of refined oilfield management.

Up to now, our metering device has been widely used in Nigeria, Egypt, Myanmar, India, Russia and other countries, and has been well received by users. HC will give full play to the advantages of science and technology to provide customers with high-quality products and first-class services.

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