Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorbents (H2S Removal Adsorbents), also known as H2S Scavengers are widely used desiccants for natural gas desulfurization. Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorbents are special metal-based desiccants which is manufactured by mixing several mechanical substances, which as a final product (H2S Scavenger) reacts with H2S, trapping it in it, thus, turning sour gas to sweet gas. 

HC Petroleum Equipment offers several types of H2S Scavengers for natural gas processing. HC can handle maximum H2S amount of 10000 ppm, providing cost-effective, fast and safe solution for oilfield companies and natural gas processors. Equipment which contains H2S Removal Adsorbents is Solid Bed Scavengers which is usually designed as single column or twin columns (A and B). Twin Column Solid Bed Gas Desulfurization units of HC consists of two adsorbent columns, inlet gas-liquid separator, outlet dry gas filters (A and B), control and ball valves, instruments, sampling ports, H2S analyzer, control and automation equipment. HC also can design simple but effective mechanically controlled Solid Bed Scavengers reaching client’s expectations both for cost and performance. Delivery period of gas desulfurization units by H2S Scavengers is from 60 to 180 days, depending on the equipment size, complexity level of control and automation. 

HC also offers regenerative type H2S Scavenger Equipment, which reclaims spent H2S adsorbents. However, only maximum amount of 50% of adsorbents are recovered. In practice, usually spent adsorbents are replaced with new, while spent adsorbents are safely disposed in way with minimum impact to the environment. 

Technical Team of HC Petroleum Equipment consists of experienced and qualified process engineers, which ensure proper calculation and performance of solid bed scavengers. We can reach maximum gas amount of 30000 Nm3/day. Maximum H2S ppm amount of 10000, and max working pressure of 9.9 MPa (1440 psi). Adsorbent vessel will be designed and fabricated as per ASME VIII Div.1, consists of manway, internals to support adsorbent beds, properly located gas inlet, gas outlet, drain and other nozzles. HC will also provide equipment and kits for natural gas sampling and H2S content analyzing. We ensure high quality, proper performance, cost-effectiveness and fast delivery period. Also, we supply H2S adsorbents meeting quality requirements, and providing any services and parts as part of HC’s after-sales services. Feel free to contact HC for technical support and price for H2S Scavengers and Gas Desulfurization Units. 

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