HC is designing and manufacturing horizontal test separators for the Bangladesh project. This equipment is composed of separator body, regulating valve, various pressure, liquid level, temperature, metering instruments, data acquisition and control system, and is equipped with pneumatic pressure, liquid level controller and pneumatic membrane regulating valve to test separator pressure and oil Fully automatic control of position and oil-water interface. It adopts advanced orifice metering device and supporting three recorders to measure natural gas flow, which has the function of adapting to different oil and gas well testing requirements.

The horizontal test separator uses the density difference of oil, gas and water to separate the oil, gas and water through the principle of gravity separation.

HC three-phase separator can meet the well test requirements of various oil and gas fields. It has been widely used in Changqing, Dagang, Jilin, Qinghai, Daqing and other oilfields in China, as well as overseas oilfields in Egypt, Myanmar, Algeria, Nigeria, Russia, India and other countries, and has achieved excellent economic and social benefits.


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