Recently, Saudi Arabia customer and HC signed a supply agreement of shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The customer requires the equipment to be made of stainless steel as well as designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME standards. 

As the world's largest crude oil exporter, Saudi Arabia is still burning oil to generate electricity, thus there is a strong demand for oilfield equipment in Saudi Arabia. In the process of petroleum production, the main function of shell-and-tube heat exchanger is to convert the fluid temperature. With the increasingly urgent requirements of improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions in the petrochemical industry at home and abroad, the role of high-efficiency heat exchanger as a sharp tool of energy saving and emission reduction has drawn more and more attention. HC has strict standards and procedures in the design and manufacture of heat exchanger to ensure superior structural performance, energy saving and high efficiency.

Since its establishment, HC has continued to develop the international market. So far, the shell-and-tube heat exchanger, water bath heater, three-phase separator, surge tank and choke manifold produced by HC has been widely used in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Russia, Serbia, Bangladesh and other countries. We possess all the necessary certificates, please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

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