Following the successful delivery of the cyclone desander ordered by Jilin customer, the one for the Kazakhstan project will soon be delivered.

Kazakhstan is rich in oil and gas resources, which is the second largest in the former Soviet Union after Russia. As of the first half of 2009, 223 oil and gas fields have been identified, 81 of which are under development. The proven oil reserves are with 4.8~5.9 billion tons, accounting for 3.3% of the world's total reserves. Therefore, HC has established a great cooperative relationship with oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan. 

With the development of oilfield into the middle and late stage, dissolved gas in crude oil is easy to precipitate out prematurely due to the decline of formation pressure, which reduces the full coefficient of the oil pump and the pumping efficiency, and even causes gas lock. In addition, because of loose formation cementation and large production pressure difference, it often leads to sand production in the formation, and aggravates the abrasion of the oil pump and causes pump sticking, which affects the normal production of the oil well. Practice has proved that the larger the gas-oil ratio is, the more serious the sand production is. The Kazakhstan project encountered the problem of sand removal in the oilfield at the early stage of exploitation, so they ordered a skid-mounted cyclone desander from us for simple separation to prevent gas and sand from entering the following stage of equipment.

We have designed and manufactured desander in accordance with ASME standard. The whole equipment consists of pipes, valves, filter screens, pipe fittings, cables, cable joints, junction boxes, control panels and switchboard, etc. The structure is compact, reasonable, efficient and safe, and fully meets the requirements of customers. At present, the cyclone desander has reached the final stage of production and is ready to be delivered after passing various tests. It is hoped that the cooperation will lay a promising foundation for HC to further open up the Kazakhstan market.

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