In 2017, PCOC purchasedhorizontal pressure vessel from our company, liquid separator, also known as gas-liquid separator or 2-phase separator, which is mainly used to separate liquid droplets in effluent gases, and is an indispensable part of heavy oil exhaust gas and high-emission system.

PCOC, which belongs to CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), is the largest oil & gas field in China. Its exploration area is mainly in the Ordos Basi with total exploration area about 370,000 square kilometers, which is the fastest-growing oil & gas fieldof domestic petroleumof late years.

Recently, we received favorable comments from PCOC. Customers are very satisfied with our equipment, indicating that the separator has no quality problemso farand  with stableperformanceand convenient operation. During the installation process, our after-sales service car offered timely support, and the service personnel also conducted technical guidance through telephone for many times, which provided great help for their equipment operation.

Through this cooperation, our long-term cooperative relationship with CNPChas been further deepened, and we have become more convinced that our commitment to providing high-profits and low-consumptionsolutions for customers is the ultimate purpose for continuous development and growth of HK HC Petroleum Equipment.

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