In China, shale oil has been listed as a key development target with high expectations. At the symposium on "vigorously enhancing oil & gas exploration and development" held by the National Energy Administration, China's shale oil development prospects have been put as priority agenda.

In 2018, China's external dependence on oil and natural gas increased to 69.8% and 45.3% respectively. This coincides with the escalation of the Sino-US trade war, which has led to a sharp rise in energy security issues that have been calm for many years. In order to change this situation, it is imminent to develop shale oil.

According to relevant parties, the potential of oil & gas resources in China is mainly in old oilfields, such as enhancing oil recovery, deep oil & gas, low-permeability oil & gas, deep-sea oil & gas, and unconventional oil & gas resources, especially shale oil & gas. What is certain that with technological progress of unconventional oil & gas development will multiply China's oil & gas resources. However, there are still a lot of theoretical and technical problems to be solved in explorationwith low cost.

Shale oil is an oil resource stored in shale, with extremely low permeability, great difficulty in development and high requirements for drilling and production equipment.Therefore, oil & gas service companies need to innovate constantly in equipment to meet the needs of users.

HC Petroleum Equipment is a professional oilfield service company, providing users with high-quality well testing equipment, such as X-mas Tree, oil-gas three-phase separator, natural gas filter separator, heat exchanger and so on. Our engineers are able to design products according to the flow, temperature, pressure, working medium and other operation data provided by users, which are suitable for various working conditions. We sincerely welcome customers for cooperation.

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