Tianjin customer signed an order agreement for two-phase gas-liquid separator with us, and with the agreed delivery term of 20 days. The separator is with the volume of 1.4m3, working pressure of 3.8Mpa, and with manually-controlled drainage according to customer requirements.

The two-phase gas-liquid separator is an important unit to remove gas-liquid impurities in well fluid, which not only releases the transportation load of pipeline and equipment, but also reduces corrosion and blockage. 

When the liquid is produced from the oil and gas field well, the gas-liquid mixed fluid enters the separator through the gas-liquid inlet for basic phase separation, the gas enters the gas passage for gravity sedimentation to separate droplets, and the liquid enters the liquid space for separating the bubbles and solid impurities. Before leaving the separator, the gas flows out from the gas outlet, and the liquid flows out from the liquid outlet after removing small droplets by the demister. Such reciprocating work ensures the free flowing of the transmission pipeline and greatly improves the work efficiency. 

HC two-phase gas-liquid separator is with various specifications. Different working conditions and technical requirements require equipment of different specifications. After years of experience accumulation, our technicians are capable of offering feasibility proposal and technical solution according to the actual situation of users. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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