After intensive and orderly production, the surge tank for Nigerian project has successfully entered the stage of pressure testing. Under the witness of inspectors, the hydrostatic test has been successfully performed, and all the surge tanks met the test requirements. After the test, we soon arranged sand-blasting procedure for the whole tank, which strictly follows the standard operation. Currently, the painting has been completed.

In order to ensure the completion of the order on schedule, our engineers immediately put into technical design after receiving the relevant technical requirements, and made a detailed plan for the project. The basic parameters of surge tank are as follows:

Size: 3*9m (T/T)

Operating temperature: 41℃

Operating pressure: normal pressure

Design temperature: - 29 ~ 140℃

Design pressure: 0.6Mpa.G

In consideration of possible damage to the surge tank coating caused by transportation, we have specially formulated a detailed packaging plan. It is hoped that customers are satisfied with our service and product, and we are looking forward to further cooperation in the future.

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