At present, our factory has a three-phase separator in stock, which conforms to ASME standards. The vessel is designed for high pressure, acid gas, and is suitable for well testing and production.

Basic parameters of three-phase separator:

Size: ID1300 * T/T5182mm

Design Pressure: 1440psi

Gas handling capacity: 24000scmd

Liquid handling capacity: 10,000 bopd

Including China brand valves, instruments, pipelines, skid and control cabinet

BV inspection report is included

Our three-phase separator adopts advanced technologies of effective separation,throttling,automatic control,comprehensive anti corrosion and skid-mounted structure,and has the characteristics of high separating effeciency,high automation,stability,high measurement precision and accurate data details.

In addition, our three-phase separator has the following advantages:

1.Compact and reasonable structure design, integration of a variety of measuring instruments and control equipment;

2.Compatible with multiple control modes (direct + PLC + computer + DCS);

3.Multilevel security measures to ensure safe and reliable operation of the device;

4.In addition to standard products, we can also customize the most suitable design for customers according to their needs;

5.Reliable quality, which can be matched with components according to the customer's designated brand, such as instruments and valves;

6.It can meet GB, ASME, API and other national and industrial specifications at the same time.

We also supply prefabricated separators for customers at home and abroad. We can design technical solutions and manufacture equipment according to the specific needs of users and site conditions.

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