Separator Internals (Packings) are the important elements of the oil and gas separators, which are installed inside of the separator vessel and designed based on the process requirements. There are many types of the separators internals, such as inlet diverter, sand removal system, wave breakers, defoaming plates, mist extractor, vortex breaker and others. HC Petroleum Equipment design and produces high-quality packings for the separators and other process equipment in order to ensure adequate performance on the separation process.


Inlet Diverter

Inlet Diverter changes the direction of flow by absorbing the momentum of the liquid and gas to separate. In horizontal separators, inlet diverter's primary task is to separate the bulk of the gas.


Sand jets 

Sand removal system (sand jets and drains) is used to remove solids which may accumulate at the bottom of the vessel. Depending the flow rate and fluid composition, adequate sand removal system shall be selected by manufacturer.


Wave Breakers

Wave breakers are placed perpendicularly to the flow in the liquid collection section of the separator. It is necessary element on floating structure because the wave may result from the surges of liquids entering the vessel. It consists of perforated baffles.


Defoaming Plates

Defoaming plates are used to battle foam during separation, which can seriously degrade the performance of a separator. Defoaming plates consists of inclined parallel plates or tubes, which are closely spaced. This breaks up the foam and allows the foam to collapse into the liquid layer.


Weir Plate (Overflow Baffle)

Weir plate is separator internal used to hold heavy liquid and allow light liquid (oil) to skim over. This allows the next chamber to have only light liquid (oil).


Vortex Breaker

Vortex breaker is used to prevent a vortex (vortices or whirlpools which occur during liquid drain) from developing when the liquid control valve is open.


Mist extractor

Mist extractor is internals of the separators, designed for capturing small liquid droplets from the gas, which goes through the mist extractor section before it leaves the vessel. Mist extractor also known as mist eliminator.

Mist extractors are often used in three-phase separators, two-phase separators, vertical, horizontal separators and filter separators.

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