During the initial production and operation of natural gas gathering and transportation pipeline, blockage will occur, which will result in a decrease in pipeline transportation capacity, affect the normal production of oil and gas wells, and seriously clog pipelines, endanger safety and cause pipe explosion accidents. In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of gathering and transportation pipeline, we must be familiar with the causes, disposal measures and prevention methods of pipeline blockage. In general, the causes are as follows: 

1.Low temperature

Although the gathering and transportation pipelines transport separated natural gas, these natural gas contain more or less water. In the cold winter, due to the existence of liquid water, formation of hydrate in the pipeline is easy to block the pipeline.

2.Construction defects

During construction of the pipeline, it was not cleaned in time, and there was sediment or other debris in the pipeline.

3.Design flaws

The route of pipeline is uneven and the drop is too large, so the natural gas flow needs a greater driving force (namely, the gas transmission pressure). Once the gas transmission pressure is reduced, impurities in the pipeline will slowly deposit and block the pipeline with the extension of time.

4.Improper selection of separator

The improper selection of oil-gas-water separation equipment or parameters (such as liquid level gauge height set by separator drainage) may cause impurities entering the gathering and transportation pipeline.

After understanding the cause of blockage, we can think of prevention methods. Generally, the following aspects can be effectively avoided to prevent pipe blockage and safety accidents. 

1. Add antifreeze 

Adding an appropriate amount of antifreeze to the pipeline to avoid hydrate formation caused by temperature drop and ice blockage in the pipeline. 

2.Conduct regular inspection and pigging

3.Select high-quality production equipment to reduce the output of water and fractured sand

4.Choosing suitable separation equipment (such as gas-liquid three-phase separator of HC Petroleum Equipment) can effectively separate water and impurities from natural gas and avoid blockage caused by its entry into oil pipeline. Our separation equipment uses Chinese leading brand level gauge to enable accurate measurement. 

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