The design and manufacturing team of HC Petroleum Equipment provides customized solutions for customers with specific requirements, especially in regions using local standards, such as Russia and CIS countries. At present, HC is designing three-phase test separator for several large projects in the Middle East. HC will make the most reasonable technical proposal according to the flow, temperature, pressure, working medium and other operation data provided by the user.

HC has 16 years of export experience supplying oil and gas separation equipment and components, heat exchanger, water jacket furnace, choke manifold, X-mas tree and instruments for monitoring and ESD system.

The three-phase test separator is an indispensable equipment for the oil testing in the flowing well, which can effectively separate the oil, gas and water from the formation fluid. HC provides customers with a variety of well testing equipment, natural gas production and processing, flow control, oilfield control facility and metering process equipment.

HC provides international oil and gas services with professional and cost-effective solutions that comply with international standards such as API, ISO, ASME, etc. We cherish every opportunity to communicate with customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will sincerely at your service.

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