As the development of exploration of gas reservoir, the contradiction faced in the exploitation of low-permeability gas reservoir has been increasingly prominent, especially for low-permeability carbonate gas reservoir. With the wide application of acid-fracturing technology, the workload of the ground metering of acid discharge after acidizing also increases, so that the working conditions of the ground equipment will become more severe, and the anti-corrosion problem of the separator also becomes more serious.

Although the material of the current three-phase separator completely conforms to the standard of hydrogen sulfide prevention, the anti-corrosion performance of the acid liquid cannot meet the production requirements. Therefore, HC has developed and produced sulfur-proof and acid-proof three-phase separator, which can perform oil/gas/water three-phase separation and accurate measurement under the condition of PH>1 of formation fluid after acid-fracturing, and can completely meet the well testing of oil and gas fields with high sulfur content.

HC sulfur-proof and acid-proof three-phase separator is equipped with gas pressure control valve, and the interface of gas/oil  and oil/water can be automatically controlled. It is installed on the special skid of oilfield for easy movement and maintenance. The device is equipped with a complete manifold system, including bypass pipeline and oi/gas/water interconnection manifold. The inlet and outlet of all manifolds are connected by unions for easy operation. Besides, we can also provide customized solutions if users have any special requirements.

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