HC has a team of experienced, skilled and knowledgeable engineers who are able to face and respond to any challenges in complexequipment manufacturing in the oil & gas industry. Our engineering team is capable of providing ideal process solutions, clear and easy-to-understand drawings with technical instructions according to each requirement and condition of the project.

After receiving the order, our engineer will design the equipment according tocustomer's operating conditions, flow, temperature, pressure, working medium and other operational data. While considering the performance of equipment, they will also consider how to save customer's transportation cost as much as possible.

Take our3-phase separator with sulfur-proof and acid-proof for example, which is designed in consideration ofspecial well conditions of customer. The 3-phase separator adopts a skid-mounted design, which greatly shortens the construction period and saves the occupied area compared with traditional construction method. It is combined with high-precision instrument (mass flowmeter, liquid level controller, etc.) to form an automatic and independent skid-mounted device, which is suitable for surface metrology and measurement of complex wells with high temperature, high pressure and high production both at sea and on land.

The separator can accurately obtain the data of wellhead pressure, temperature, oil, gas and water production, oil-gas ratio, fluid properties and so on, which solves two difficult problems of acid and sulfur prevention to the greatest extent, and fills the technical gaps of measuring residual acid liquid after acidification of domestic reservoirs. The entire process realizes automation and data acquisition visualization, which greatly meets the needs of customer.

In addition to the accumulation of engineer's own experience, our senior managersalso pay special attention to the improvement of engineer's skills. Constantly enhance their personal capability by participating in international forums, exchanging projects with international organizations and purchasing necessary engineering and process documentation. We have always been committed to developing and improving processing technology and equipment design, so as to develop new energy and cost-effective solutions for customer.

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