With the increasing of global shale gas exploitation, the demand for shale gas three-phase separator in petrochemical industry is increasing likewise. Recently, our technical engineers are designing three-phase separators dedicated to shale gas for customers with a skid-mounted structure, which includes three-phase separator, flowmeter, pipeline, valve and instrument integrated on the skid.

Shale oil is a petroleum resource with extremely low permeability stored in shale, which is difficult to develop and has high requirements for drilling and production equipment. Therefore, we adopt new technologies to enhance the degree of automation and separation efficiency, which can effectively reduce the operators in oil/gas production and processing, as well as saving labor costs and improving work efficiency.

HC Petroleum Equipment is committed to becoming the industry leader in the field of oilfield equipment, constantly in-depth understanding of customer needs, relying on strong R & D strength, and integrating the world's cutting-edge technology concept to provide customers with the advanced, reliable, safe and high-quality complete engineering facilities and product solutions.

HC can not only supply special separators for oilfields, but also produce gas well separators. After decades of in-depth research and field application, our technical team has accumulated rich experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will provide you with the best proposal with our professional knowledge.

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