After the oil well output is collected and transferred to the transfer station and the combined station, the gas/liquid separation is generally carried out first to remove the natural gas in the oil well output for further treatment of the liquid. Since there is quite a difference with the density of natural gas from that of oil and water, under normal circumstances, natural gas can be separated by gravity settling and the principle of gas/liquid balance. However, how to separate and recover natural gas from liquids more efficiently and economically is not easy.

For oil well output, the crude oil carried by the gas enters the gas pipeline with the gas and condenses out as the temperature decreases, increasing the flow resistance, which not only affects the normal transportation of natural gas, but also affects the quality of natural gas. Therefore, the quality of the gas/liquid separation will directly affect the profitability and production of the enterprise.

The commonly used equipment for gas/liquid separation is two-phase separator or three-phase separator. 

Two-phase separator is mainly for gas/liquid two-phase separation, and also known as gas/liquid separation buffer tank. The three-phase separator can separate oil/gas/water simultaneously. These two separators are generally horizontal with a large volume, and the diameter of 3 meters, 3.6 meters, 4 meters and other specifications, and the length of 8 meters, 9.6 meters, 12 meters, 16 meters and other specifications. In addition, there are production separators for gas/liquid separation equipment, with a smaller diameter of about 0.8 meters. Most of them are vertical separators with small handling capacity, which are generally used to control pipeline pressure and separate a small amount of self-used gas.

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