At present, HC is designing wellhead cyclone desander for domestic users, which is mainly used for sand and dust removal in shale gas wells under high backpressure.

After the sand fracturing of shale gas well, the wellhead pressure is high at the initial stage of flowback. Therefore, in order to ensure the effective sand and dust removal under high backpressure, it is necessary to use the dust catcher and cyclone desander to carry out the removal during drilling plug operation and normal flowback.

Our engineers develop solutions for users according to the working pressure of 105Mpa, the maximum liquid processing capacity of 1000m3/d, and the gas processing capacity of 150×104m3/d. With the cyclone desander, after the fluid enters the cylinder tangentially, it rotates according to the track specified by the spiral separation element inside the cylinder, and separates the solid particles by the centrifugal force and gravity generated thereby, thus effectively reducing the damage to the downstream surface equipment.

HC is capable of providing wellhead desander with rated pressure up to 15000psi and handling capacity up to 5000BOPD. The desander is made of new sulfur and acid resistant material, which is suitable for high-pressure, high-production, acid-containing oil and gas wells with the desanding efficiency over 96%.

As the increasing exploitation of shale gas resources in various countries, users’ demand for cyclone desander is also increasing, which is a fantastic opportunity for HC. We will rely on strong R&D strength and integrate the world's cutting-edge technology concept, so as to provide advanced, reliable and safe wellhead desander for customers.

In the meanwhile, we ensure that our equipment complies with international standards such as API, ASME, ISO, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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