HC is developing solutions for the oilfield pipeline project in Thailand, which requires the supply of several sets of plug and check valves. Thailand is one of the leading oil product producers in Southeast Asia. The large oil and gas reserves in the Thai sea have created opportunities for local and international companies to conduct oil exploration, drilling and production, as well as opportunities for HC to expand its business in Thailand.

Plug valve is widely used in oilfield production, transportation and refining equipment. It is a rotary valve with a plunger-shaped closing part. By rotating 90°, the port on the plug is the same as or separated from the port on the valve body, so as to open or close the valve.

Check valve is a valve with opening and closing parts are opened or closed by the medium flow and force to prevent the medium from flowing back. Check valve is an automatic valve, which is mainly used for pipelines with one-way flow of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer, electric power and other medium.

With API 6A, API 16C and ISO certificates, our domestic plants are able to provide high-quality products under strict and professional management and quality control system. The plug valve and check valve produced by us are with good wear resistance and sealing performance, which fully meets users’ needs and API standards. We are committed to completing goods delivery in the shortest time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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