In 2014, Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. ordered two of 3-phase separation metering devices from our company. Customers stated that since June 2014, the equipment has been running normally under any operating conditions with daily gas handling capacity reaches 300,000m3 andliquid handling capacity of 100m3, which fully meets their requirements.

Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinopec Group, is an engineering and technical service company integrating oil (gas) well testing, workover, acidification, fracturing, coiled tubingand technological research. The company ordered our LRC30/100 3-phase separator, which is a horizontal separator that uses centrifugal force generated by fixed rotary guide bladeto achieve gas-liquid separation. This type of horizontal separator haslarge handling capacity and less occupied area, which can effectively reduce transportation and installation costs for customer.

Through this cooperation, customers not only expressed their satisfaction with our products, but also highly praised our service attitude. Our after-sales staff are on call at any time to solve any problems during product installation and operation. Whenever possible, customer's questions will be solved in the first place.

HC Petroleum Equipment is committed to providing the best quality products and services for oil & gas industry. You are always welcome to contact us no matter what questions you have. 

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