Recently, HC Petroleum Equipment received an inquiry from Indian customers about a three-phase gas separator. After multiple times of communications, the basic requirements and product parameters of customers have been confirmed. At present, our engineering and technical personnel are working on the product design proposals for customers.

According to the data, the demand for three-phase gas separator in India is growing increasingly. In order to meet the growing demand of natural gas users and reduce the import volume, Indian top executives have issued a number of supporting policies to encourage the increase of domestic natural gas production. Therefore, India's domestic demand for three-phase gas separator is increasing vigorously.

Gas 3-phase separator is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, electric power and metallurgical industries. It is a highly efficient equipment to remove liquid and solid pollutants in gas. In order to ensure the safe operation of natural gas separator, we have strict requirements in the design, material selection, manufacturing, heat treatment and hydraulic test.

The three-phase gas separator is composed of a shell, a liquid collecting pan, a funnel, a weir pipe, an oil-water bin partition board, a separator pipe, a catch net, an overflow pipe and a bottom plate. The skid-mounted structure is easy to install and operate, and has few limitation on working conditions, which can also be used normally in harsh environments such as deserts, mountains, and oceans. Its working process is as follows: natural gas enters the confluence chamber from the air inlet, the larger solid-liquid particles settle to the bottom with the effect of gravity, and the clean gas is discharged from the gas outlet through the mesh demister.

HC Petroleum Equipment has been in the petrochemical industry for many years. With strong technical force and rich engineering experience, we have long supplied ground testing and measuring equipment for the oil and gas field. In the process of development, HC has continuously maintained the research and innovation of oil and gas field surface testing technology and equipment manufacturing technology, and has accumulated the ability to solve various problems, which is able to provide customized solutions for customers. After years of experience, HC has gradually formed a diversified product system with three-phase separators as the core, which enjoys excellent reputation and high market share of the industry. 

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