The vehicle-mounted two-phase separator supplied by HC Petroleum Equipment for Yan'an oilfield has been successfully delivered to the site and well testing operation has been started.

The separator can effectively separate gas and liquid from produced liquid in oil and gas field exploration, and accurately measure oil production, gas production, water content and other data of one or more wells. Our vehicle-mounted two-phase separator is small in size, light in weight, easy to move and transport, and flexible enough to be used in exploration and development of multiple oil wells.

The vehicle-mounted two-phase separator is equipped with direct bypass manifold system, which requires the liquid inlet and outlet to bypass each other for easy operation. The separator is equipped with mist-catching element, internal buffer plate, liquid outlet vortex breaker, rectifier tube device, etc., and a dual safety system with both safety valve and bursting disc, which is safe, reliable and stable in performance. 

After the separator arrived, our after-sales personnel also went to the site for installation and technical guidance. HC has a complete after-sales service system. Our after-sales service center is on standby 24 hours a day to provide customers with high guarantee services to ensure that customers have no worries in operation.

With the first-class quality and service-oriented business philosophy, all HC equipment is manufactured according to international standards. This vehicle-mounted two-phase separator will surely bring unpredictable economic benefits for users. HC Petroleum Equipment will continue to invest in R&D, as well as further expand the global market, so as to meet the needs of customers with the best quality service and the most favorable price.

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