HC Petroleum Equipment designs, fabricates and supplies Solid bed scavengers (H2S Scavengers) both for domestic and international market. Our technical team consists of experienced and qualified process engineers, mechanical engineers, E & I engineers, allowing HC to provide comprehensive natural gas treatment units such as Solid bed scavengers (H2S Scavengers). One of the biggest Chinese natural gas processor with extensive operations in Inner Mongolia, awarded the contract to supply two sets of dual column solid bed gas sweetening units. 

HC designs and develops high quality and safe gas treatment and processing units, such as gas sweetening units, gas dehydration units, NGL recovery units, Cryogenic plants and other solutions for natural gas production and processing. Current contract requirements to handle 1000 ppm of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and handle max working pressure 6 MPa. 

HC’s Solid Bed Scavengers will consist of two column filled with adsorbent bed (iron sponge), inlet gas-liquid separator, outlet dry gas filter, piping manifold, manual ball valves, PSV, instruments, and sample ports. Also, HC will provide tool kit for natural gas sampling and monitoring the quality outlet gas. Iron sponge (ferric iron oxide) is a special desiccant which is widely used in natural gas industry. There are many times of desiccants available in the market, but there are few types and manufacturers capable of manufacturing iron sponge for natural gas processing, particularly for high pressure up to 10 MPa. HC’s in-house design and R&D for Solid Bed Scavengers can handle high amount of hydrogen sulfide and high inlet pressure coming from test or production separator. 

Solid Bed Scavengers of HC will ensure process performance, last long and requires minimum operational costs. Solid Bed Scavengers are ideal solution for gas processors who require to handle comparatively low amount of natural gas and ensure safe operation and gas transfer. Feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for more technical information on H2S Scavengers and other natural gas processing equipment. We ensure high quality, cost-effectiveness and very fast delivery period. 

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