HC is a manufacturer with strong R&D and design capabilities in the petrochemical industry. In order to expand production capacity and provide customers with convenient products and services, our factory continuously introduces advanced production equipment and technology. So far, our company has several large-scale CNC pipe bending and heavy-duty rolling machine, with the maximum bending capacity of φ325×40mm (cold bending)and the maximum rolling capacity of 200mm×250mm (cold rolling) respectively.

Our crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 200tons, a maximum lifting height of 16meters, and a heat treatment furnace volume of 5m×5m×25m. Please do not hesitate to contact us for technical support. which is able to face various challenges of any project.

HC has a strong technical team, our plant has more than 20 petroleum technical engineers and more than 150 senior technicians. Our skilled workers are experienced in pressure vessel manufacturing and can be prepared for any operating conditions. You only need to provide the parameter information of the project and we are able to provide the most reasonable design proposal and quotation. 

We have the industry's leading testing equipment, all products in the manufacturing process are in accordance with the industry standards and processes. Each equipment has been inspected and tested many times before delivery to ensure that any equipment delivered to users is safe and reliable. 

With the experienced production management team and advanced production and testing equipment, HC ensures that the safety, reliability and applicability of all pressure vessel products meet the standard.Please feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for more technical information and price. We ensure that each product meets your requirements to the quality and expectation to the price. 

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