With the advent of winter, the demand for water bath heater has increased greatly. HC recently received an inquiry from a domestic user about the bath heater. After repeated communication and confirmation, the customer finally signed the contract with us for two water jacket heaters.

Water bath heater is a special heating equipment designed to meet special needs of oilfield. It is mainly used in the oil and gas gathering and transportation process to heat crude oil and natural gas to the temperature required by the process for transportation, sedimentation, separation and preliminary processing.

At present, the thermal efficiency of most water bath heaters in the oilfield is not high, with an average thermal efficiency of 52% ~ 60%. Low efficiency means high consumption of natural gas, which directly affects the production cost and benefit of oilfield. The water bath heater designed and manufactured by HC selects reliable, efficient and well-known brand burners with high combustion efficiency. The coil pipe adopts withdrawable block structure, which is easy to install and maintain both internal and external. According to the needs of users, the heat insulation layer can be used in the shell of water jacket furnace, so that the heat transfer efficiency can be increased up to more than 80%.

HC Petroleum Equipment focuses on the design and manufacture of oil and gas ground test equipment. We have participated in many oil and gas field projects at home and abroad, and are able to provide users with customized services. Furthermore, we guarantee to not only offer you with high-quality equipment, but also competitive prices and accurate delivery time.

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