The three-phase separator of oil and gas field supplied by HC for South Asia project has been completed and is ready for shipment. This separator has the natural gas treatment capacity of 25MMSCFD, the maximum liquid handling capacity of 15000BOPD, and the maximum allowable working pressure of 9.8MPa.

Customers require the automatic control of the three-phase separator, and equipped with well-known brand valves and instruments. Our automatic detection and control system is based on portable industrial control computer, which is composed of high-precision detection instruments and pneumatic control valves. The types of instruments are: high precision differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, oil/water interface transmitter, removable orifice valve and pneumatic angle high-pressure regulator, straight film single seat regulating valve, vortex flowmeter, etc. The device provides backup UPS power supply of 1000VA, which can ensure the normal operation of instruments and computers for more than 1.5 hours under full charge.

HC three-phase separator can meet the well test requirements of various oil and gas fields. It has been widely used in Changqing, Dagang, Jilin, Qinghai, Daqing and other oilfields in China, as well as overseas oilfields in Egypt, Myanmar, Algeria, Nigeria, Russia, India and other countries, and has achieved excellent economic and social benefits. 

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