Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases. The hydrocarbon composition is methane and a small amount of higher hydrocarbons. The non-hydrocarbon components are mainly acidic gases hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2)as well asother sulfur substances, such as mercaptan (RSH), organic sulfide (RSR) and carbonyl sulfide (COS). Nitrogen (N2) and helium (He) may also be found in some natural gas fields. Due to its toxic and corrosive properties, natural gas must be purified before it can be liquefied, sold or transported to commercial naturalgas pipelines.

Acidic gases H2S and CO2 will form weak corrosive acids in the presence of a small amount of water, which canlead to the first corrosion. If it lasts for a long time,it will cause the pipeline to crack and on fire. Therefore, it is necessary to remove carbon dioxide from natural gas, which can increase the calorific value of natural gas and reduce its indoor gas content, not only helping to transport raw material over long distances, but also avoiding problems such as corrosion and potential pipeline rupture.

Here, HC Petroleum Equipment engineer would like to give a brief description on how to process natural gas. 

Natural gas treatmentrequires a complete set of facilities, and the efficiency and safety of its application depends on the accurate level measurement. When there is a confirmed level control, the natural gas processing can be performed perfectly along with the separator, chemical dosing system and gas dehydrationequipment.

Natural gas processing equipment is a crucial production device in oil & gas production. Its main task is to remove heavy components and impurities from natural gas or crude oilassociated with gas produced by oil & gas wells andto obtain natural gas that meets the standard for output through desulfurization and dehydration, recovery of sulfur and liquid hydrocarbons. The stability and safety of the processing device control system are directly related to the final effect of natural gas treatment process.

HC Petroleum Equipment, with 15 years of service experience in natural gas processing, is able to provide a complete set of automation control system according to customer requirements and ensure the stability of the system through strict product design, production and testing.

We will use our rich project experience to provide customers with high quality products and services, while continuing to innovate and be prepared for the growing natural gas market.

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