With the development of gas field, the number of production wells is gradually increasing. In order to make accurate measurement of water and gas production of gas wells, find out the water production and facilitate the acquisition of dynamic analysis data of quasi gas fields, as well as taking effective drainage gas production measures, HC specializes in the manufacture of a vehicle-mounted integrated two-phase separator.

The device adopts gas-liquid separation metering process. After metering, gas-liquid is mixed and transported, which avoids the discharge of liquid and protects the environment. It is designed as a vehicle-mounted form, which is convenient for movement and transportation, and greatly improves the application flexibility of the equipment.

Currently, our vehicle-mounted integrated two-phase separator has been widely used in Shaanxi Province and well received by customers. Recently, Puyang customer has confirmed the purchase agreement of the vehicle-mounted two-phase mobile metering device after repeatedly communication. At present, the factory is under intensive production.

The equipment is small in size, light in weight, equipped with high-quality differential pressure transmitter, magnetic flap level gauge, temperature transmitter, flowmeter, etc., with compact and reasonable structure, safe and reliable operation, which can fully meet the needs of users.

Since the establishment, HC is committed to providing quality products and technical services for oil and gas fields at home and abroad. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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