Technical team of HC is in the process of designing a natural gas wellhead desander for the Kazakhstan project. The equipment includes the cylinder, cyclone and sand collecting drum, so it is also called cyclone desander. The whole set of unit integrates separation, collection, cleaning and discharge of sand and gravel, which is mainly used to solve the problem of sand removal in the process of natural gas exploitation, and to ensure that the downstream equipment of the wellhead is protected from damage. 

Kazakhstan belongs to the Caspian Sea region, the second largest oil reserves in the CIS countries, its land-based reserves remains for 50 years of continuous production and 75 years for natural gas production. The Caspian Sea, known as the second Middle East, has considerable oil and gas reserves. Accelerating the development of oil and gas resources in the Caspian Sea is another reliable foundation for Kazakhstan to maintain the long-term sustainable development.

However, with the deepening of natural gas exploitation, the problem of wellhead desanding is becoming more and more serious, which causes great damage to the surface gathering, transportation and processing system. For example, the blockage and corrosion of ground equipment such as downstream pipeline, choke manifold, three-phase separator and water bath heater, as well as increases maintenance work and causes a series of problems such as environmental pollution that will endanger human health. Therefore, it is an effective measure to install desander in natural gas wellhead to remove sand and gravel.

HC wellhead cyclone desander has the advantages of simple structure, small occupied space, low operating cost, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and environmental protection, and is able to complete the separation task in the working process flexibly, continuously and reliably. Moreover, HC fully consider customers' on-site conditions during the design process to guarantee that users’ needs are met.

HC is capable of providing one-to-one customized service according to users' needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements.

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