As the main gas source of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in China, Dagang Oilfield gas storage has started gas production since November 2020, which has protected people for a warm winter. Up to now, 20.06 billion cubic meters of natural gas has been smoothly transported to thousands of households in North China, with the highest gas production in 20 years.

During this year of winter supply, Dagang Oilfield gas storage group has maintained a high gas production of more than 20 million cubic meters per day for 67 consecutive days, and the daily gas production volume has exceeded 26.83 million cubic meters, setting the highest value of historical daily gas production. Recently, with the announcement of the extension of heating supply issued by the municipal government, the gas storage group of Dagang Oilfield actively performs the task of "filling the valley with different peaks", completes the comprehensive inspection and insulation of the equipment and facilities of the gathering-injection station and single well, and works at full power to ensure the safe, stable and orderly supply of natural gas. At present, the daily gas production capacity of the reservoir group keeps running at more than 11 million cubic meters. 

In order to complete the task of gas extraction and effectively guarantee the quality of natural gas production, the natural gas three-phase separator developed by HC has been widely used in Dagang Oilfield. HC has the core technology in the design and process package of fluid separation, gas treatment and oil and gas gathering-transportation equipment. As oil and gas resources continue to be developed, our equipment will also play a vital role. 

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