The vehicle-mounted three-phase separator ordered by the customer in Inner Mongolia has been produced and is ready to be loaded and sent to Ordos. This three-phase separator does not contain control system, choke valve and orifice valve, which is mainly used for the separation of well products during the exploration and development of natural gas wells.

In order to make the delivery as soon as possible, workers in the factory worked day and night and completed the production of the entire equipment in only 8 days. To ensure the product quality, our project manager goes to the workshop in person to check every detail and process. In addition, HC has passed ASME and ISO certification, which can provide the spacious and clean space for assembly, instrument calibration and other electrical engineering.

The separator is with compact structure, small volume, light weight and great flexibility. It can be installed on the ground or placed on a trailer. Our technical team is able to provide safe and reliable oil and gas field equipment according to the actual working conditions and needs of users. Since its establishment, HC has always been customer-oriented, and has accumulated rich experience in project management. Moreover, our manufacturing and quality inspectors are qualified and can perform all operations in accordance with regulations and standards. 

Our mission is to provide the world with high-quality, fast and cost-effective solutions through R&D, intelligent management and new technologies. We sincerely hope to gain respect through integrity and responsibility. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about oil and gas equipment. 

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