In 2021, as the continuous rise of international oil price, the exploration and exploitation activities of domestic oil and gas industry also become increasingly active. In recent days, there are numbers of customers consulting and purchasing equipment such as three-phase / two-phase separator and water bath heater. On March 29, a customer from Shaanxi, China ordered two three-phase separators and a vehicle-mounted two-phase separator from HC.

In order to shorten the construction period and complete the production task as soon as possible, the workers work around the clock at full capacity. However, under the strict quality system control, all processes are carried out in an orderly manner. The equipment will be tested repeatedly before leaving the factory to ensure its quality and safety.

Our three-phase separator and vehicle-mounted two-phase separator are equipped with domestic well-known brand valves and instruments, which are designed and manufactured in full compliance with user requirements and industry standards. In addition, HC has been certified by ASME and ISO, which is able to provide users with efficient, safe and reliable products.

Since it was put into operation, HC has been stepped onto the right track and developed rapidly. In 2021, the company will strive to make a new breakthrough in the output value to meet users' demand for delivery in a short period of time. In order to adapt to the development needs and meet the customer's ordering requirements, we will continue to strengthen technological progress, improve product quality, reduce energy consumption, save costs, so as to provide users with the most cost-effective products to achieve mutual benefit. 

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