Two cyclone desanders designed and manufactured by HC for Kazakhstan project have been completed and are ready to be loaded and shipped. 

The equipment are mainly used in oilfield metering stations to remove sand particles from crude oil, which have the advantages of simple structure, easy installation and operation, small volume and high desanding efficiency. The overall equipment includes pipeline, valve, filter screen, pipe fitting, cable, cable joint, junction box, control and power panel, etc. In addition, our technical team designed and manufactured the desander in accordance with ASME and API standards. 

Basic technical parameters:

● Working pressure: 5MPa

● Operating pressure: 1.5MPa

● Swirling flow area diameter: φ200

● Temperature class: PU (- 29 ℃ ~ 121 ℃)

● Executive standard: GB/T22513 ‐ 2013 / API6A

With the continuous intensification of oil and gas field exploitation, more sand will be produced in the formation. Therefore, HC will continue to strengthen its technical strength, and optimize the performance of desander in combination with foreign advanced technology, so as to meet the needs of different customers. If you have any questions about oil and gas field equipment, please feel free to contact us. HC will provide you with perfect suggestions and scheme design with professional knowledge and rich experience.

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