The two-phase mobile separator designed and manufactured by HC for customers in Northern Shaanxi, China has been successfully delivered and put into use on site.

Vehicle-mounted two-phase mobile separator is one of the commonly used equipment in chemical production process, which is mainly used to separate water and oilfield gas in the process of crude oil production and processing. In order to facilitate hoisting and transportation, our vehicle-mounted two-phase separator adopts skid-mounted design, with compact and reasonable overall structure, small in volume and light in weight, along with strong flexibility and adaptability. 

Basic technical parameters of vehicle-mounted two-phase mobile separator:

● Daily processing capacity of natural gas: 10*104Nm3/d

●Daily processing capacity (oil and water): 100m3/d

● Design pressure: 9.8MPa

The equipment is equipped with direct bypass manifold system, which requires that the oil-water mixture inlet and liquid outlet can be mutually bypassed for easy operation. The separator is equipped with mist-catching element, internal buffer plate, liquid outlet vortex breaker, rectifier tube, etc., and dual safety system with safety valve and bursting disc.

HC adheres to the overall design guiding principle of "Reliable, Advanced & Economic" to provide users with low-investment, high-efficiency, safe and reliable equipment. 

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