Recently, customers from Shandong visited HC factory and signed an order agreement for two 1,000,000m3 three-phase separators.

Our three-phase separator is mainly used in the exploration and development process of natural gas fields to complete the heating, separation and metering of wellhead fluids. We use automatic control to provide detailed data reports and flow metering for wellhead conditions.

After this on-site visit, customers highly praised our design ability and production capacity. Customers came to the factory to focus on the equipment operation, main process flow, technical characteristics and performance advantages, and a wide range of exchanges and discussions on the core technical issues. It is believed that this visit will enable customers to have a deeper understanding of HC and lay a promising foundation for future cooperation.

HC has been adhering to the corporate vision of “Providing High-Quality, Fast & Cost-Effective Solutions to the World through R&D, Intelligent Management & New Technologies”. Since its establishment, HC has never stopped the pace of R&D along with market development. At present, HC continues to expand its product line coverage, and has basically improved the whole series of equipment of oil and gas processing facilities. Our aim is to provide users with the best quality products and services. From design, manufacturing, testing to shipping, every detail of the equipment adheres to the core value of “Honesty & Responsibility”. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about oil and gas equipment.

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