Electric heating water bath heater (WBH) is an important intelligent equipment in oil and gas fields, which has been widely used at home and abroad. The equipment is mainly composed of WBH shell, heating coil and electric box control system. HC has been focusing on improving the core technical strength, and constantly expanding the market. Through continuous production practice, we have mastered the mature technology of WBH production.

Electric heating WBH adopts a new heating method with no pollution, which can be also called green environmental protection boiler. It has many unique advantages that make it more attractive than other forms of atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. Its specific advantages are as follows:

◆ pollution-free

◆ high energy conversion efficiency

◆ quick start/stop speed

◆ simple in structure with high safety

◆ with small volume, light weight, flexible layout & small occupied area

◆ can be designed with skid or trailer mounted

HC always adheres to the following principles in the design process:

① Stability: in order to ensure the stable operation of WBH, the key components matching with the heater are strictly selected. The electric heating tube adopts the famous brand, with high thermal efficiency, stable performance and long service life. The main supporting valves and instruments such as safety valve, pressure and temperature controller, pressure and temperature transmitter are all imported parts;

② Safety: the WBH is equipped with multi-level protection measures to ensure the safety of operation;

③ Easy to operate: the WBH is controlled by touch screen and PLC to realize automatic operation;

④ Beautiful in appearance.

Relying on strong R&D strength and integrating the world's cutting-edge technology concept, HC quickly responds to the changing needs of customers, and provides customers with advanced, reliable, safe and high-quality complete sets of facilities and product solutions, as well as related hardware and software products, platforms and services. 

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