HC shell-and-tube heat exchanger with expansion joint for Saudi customer has been in operation on site for several months. The customer highly praised the stable and excellent performance of the equipment, which fully meets the project requirements. Recently, they want to repurchase the equipment and the related details are under further communication and confirmation.

Heat exchanger industry in China is mainly concentrated in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, central heating and other fields. Among which, petroleum and chemical industry are the most important application fields of heat exchanger, accounting for about 30% of the market share. Almost all processes in petroleum and chemical production have heating, cooling or condensation processes, and heat exchangers are required. Therefore, HC continues to learn new technologies so as to improve the product performance.

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger is the most commonly used type in the market. It has a wide variety of structures including tube box, shell, baffle, tube plate and etc. The manufacturing process is complicated, especially in the welding of heat exchange tube and tube sheet, which requires perfect welding technology. Besides, HC experienced welders are able to guarantee the welding process. 

In order to adapt to the market and enhance the vitality of the enterprise, HC strives to be in line with international standards. We take science and technology as the driving force and talents as the foundation to provide customers with high-quality products and efficient services. 

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