Regular domestic customer ordered an oil-gas-water three-phase separator and a water bath heater(WBH) from HC. After more than a month of processing and production, they were finally delivered ahead of the agreed schedule. Currently, the equipment have been installed at the customer's site and have been tested for ignition. 

The oil-gas-water three-phase separator and WBH are the necessary equipment in oil and gas field exploration and development. As one of the sophisticated suppliers of domestic oil and gas field surface test equipment, HC has extensive practical experience in the design and manufacturer of three-phase separator and WBH, and our equipment covers most of the domestic oil and gas fields.

After fully understanding the customer's needs and actual working conditions, our technical team went through the process calculation, drawing production to the final scheme design, and each step was conducted in line with customer's needs and industry standards. The accessories of the separator and WBH are equipped with well-known brand instruments, valves, burners, etc. according to customer requirements.

In order to further enhance the service, a special after-sales service base has been set up in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, which can quickly respond to customer's demand. In addition, a couple of commonly used three-phase separators have also been placed at the service base, so as to meet the needs of new and regular customers.

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