After more than a month, the skid-mounted shell-and-tube heat exchanger designed by HC has been manufactured. The equipment is a dividing-wall type heat exchanger with the wall of tube bundle enclosed in the shell as heat transfer surface, which has simple structure and reliable operation. It can be made of various structural materials (mainly metal materials) and can be used under high temperature and high pressure. Currently, it is the most widely used type in petrochemical industry.

The shell-and-tube heat exchanger has been designed according to ASME standard, and its advantages mainly include:

(1) Compact structure and less occupied area.

(2) High heat transfer efficiency.

(3) Save energy consumption.

HC has been committed to the application of new technologies and the design and development of new products in the oil and gas industry for years, and provides comprehensive and high-quality professional equipment and technical services for the oil and gas industry. We will constantly use innovative technologies to improve equipment performance and technical services.

For the whole set of equipment, high-quality standard raw materials has been used and the selected valves and instruments are all from domestic well-known brand suppliers. In the production process, strict system specifications has been followed to ensure product quality. In addition to shell-and-tube heat exchangers, we also design and manufacture oil and gas field equipment such as two-phase and three-phase separator, water bath heater, buffer tank, desander and etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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