In November, HC signed an order agreement for CNOOC produced water treatment equipment, with an agreed delivery period of 50 days. At present, the whole set of equipment has been basically completed and the thermal insulation treatment is in progress. 

The equipment includes four pressure vessels (one 1m³ Buffer tank, one oil tank, two closed-drain drum) and one air flotation, which are integrated into a skid. Moreover, explosion-proof PLC control cabinet with display screen, ball valve, solenoid valve, flowmeter and other instruments are equipped according to customer requirements. 

Basic parameters of produced water treatment equipment:

l Design temperature: 40 ℃

l Working temperature: -10~80 ℃

l Design pressure: 0.5MPA

l Working pressure: 0.3MPA

With the development of industry in China, the discharge of industrial wastewater is gradually increasing, which causes serious impact both on the environment of the river basin and the health of residents, and among which the discharge of wastewater from refining and chemical industry is more harmful to the ecological environment. Coupled with the increasingly strict national marine environmental protection, CNOOC has great pressure on environmental protection. Many industrial enterprises have made produced water treatment as their top priority in environmental protection. Therefore, the continuous development of a variety of advanced produced water treatment and reuse of new technologies is the future development direction of oil service enterprises.

As a sophisticated manufacturer in the petrochemical industry, HC Petroleum is also constantly improving its competitiveness and looking forward to participating in more projects.

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