As 2021 draws to a close, HC has received a new order for cyclone desander. In order to ensure the delivery after New Year's Day, the factory is stepping up the production. The basic parameters of cyclone desander are as follows: 

Working environment: oil, gas, water & sand

Design pressure: 5,000PSI / 35MPa

Average sand removal rate: > 96%

Rated temperature class: P.U

Product specification level: PSL2

Performance requirement level: PR1

Gas processing capacity: 300,000m3

Liquid processing capacity: 50m3

Sand cylinder: sand-collecting cylinder & sand collector

Valve type: plug valve

Elbow type: anti-erosion tee

HC carries out all manufacturing according to user requirements and industry standards. The whole set of equipment is simple in structure, easy to operate, safe and reliable to use and almost with no maintenance. Compared with the sand removal equipment such as expansion pipe and buffer box, the high-efficiency cyclone desander has the advantages of small volume, large processing capacity and saving on-site space, etc.. Moreover, it is able to remove the sand particles in the oil during the uninterrupted oil supply process, which avoids the secondary pollution of oil by other sand removal methods, and the sand removal efficiency is with more than 96%.

HC Petroleum Equipment is committed to becoming an industry leader in oilfield equipment. The products include separator, water bath heater, heat exchanger and other surface test equipment. Based on the national market, HC closely combines the different characteristics of the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry for deeply understanding customers’ applications, so as to provide customers with advanced, reliable, safe and high-quality complete set of engineering facilities and product solutions.

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