Following the successful delivery of two gas-liquid two-phase separators in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, another customer ordered two gas-liquid separators of the same specification, with basic parameters of 9.8MPa pressure grade and 1.3million m³  liquid treatment capacity.

Our gas-liquid two-phase separator adopts international advanced production technology, which highlights our superior production quality. HC is committed to creating high-quality separators to meet the needs of users. The gravity-type gas-liquid separator commonly used in the field mainly uses the density (specific gravity) difference of gas and liquid phases to realize the two-phase separation. The gas test process is characterized by large change of discharge and liquid load, large pressure and complex change of gas-liquid ratio. The liquid carried in the discharge will have a serious impact on subsequent gas test flow measurement and the safe combustion of the discharge. Therefore, we have added a blowout preventer in the design process so as to meet the special needs of users.

In order to facilitate transportation and disassembly, our gas-liquid two-phase separator adopts skid-mounted design. The whole equipment is compact and easy to operate. The separator is equipped with detachable separation and vent connecting pipelines, with a firm and safe base, which can withstand the working gravity of the gas-liquid separation device, and with a certain height, which is convenient for the discharged liquid to enter the liquid storage tank.

HC has a complete product chain of separators in the oil and gas industry, and has rich experience in separation engineering design and application. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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