The natural gas separating and boosting skid developed and manufactured by HC has been successfully delivered to Shaanxi on February 13, 2022. Natural gas separating and boosting skid is an important equipment in the process of natural gas field exploration and development. It can complete the heating, separation, pressurization and metering of wellhead fluid, which greatly improves the output of natural gas field, automatically switches the separation and pressurization of wellhead gas, as well as automatically controls and alarms the working state of parameters such as working temperature, pressure, liquid level and pressurization of the system. The device has perfect data processing, flow calculation, emergency shutdown, report generation and other functions. We adopt the integral skid-mounted design with compact structure, high degree of automation, plus safe and reliable performance with simple operation.

Main technical parameters are as follows:

Daily processing capacity: 300000 m3 of natural gas; 100 m³/d of max. liquid (condensate) volume

Max. pressure: 32 MPa

Working pressure: 9.8 MPa

Compressed medium: natural gas

Suction pressure: 0.3-7 MPa (gauge pressure)

Discharge pressure: ≤ 8.5 MPa (gauge pressure)

Suction temperature: ≤ 40 ℃

Air supply temperature: ≤ ambient temperature + 20 ℃

Working mode: continuous

With the insufficient of gas well pressure in the middle and late stage of natural gas exploitation, and in order to effectively improve the gas production of natural gas wells, it is necessary to use pressurized separation device to transform the internal pressure of gas wells and process the natural gas accordingly. Therefore, HC Petroleum has developed this set of natural gas separating and boosting skid to comply with the development of the industry, so as to provide users with more services and products that meet their needs relying on strong technical force.

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