After more than a month of production, the shell-and-tube heat exchanger repurchased by Saudi customer from HC has been completed and can be delivered after passing the third-party inspection.


Saudi Arabia is the country with the richest oil resources and the largest oil producer in the world. Therefore, there is a great demand for oil and gas processing equipment. Since opening up the international market, we have established a number of cooperative projects with Saudi Arabia.

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger is the most commonly used heat exchange equipment in petrochemical industry. With sophisticated technology, HC is able to provide the suitable specifications according to users’ requirements. The main parameters of the equipment repurchased by Saudi customer are as follows:

Design Pressure for Shell: 4520 & F.V. KPag

Design Pressure for Tube: 5870KPa g

Design Temperature: 380°C for shell,  -48/ 65 / 120°C for Tube

Channel Barrel: ID762 × 500mm

Transition course: ID 762 × 150mm

Shell course “A”: ID 1219 × 1100mm

Shell course “B”: ID 1219 × 2706mm

Tube: OD38.1 × 1.65 × L9000mm

Material of Tube: SA213 Tp304

Material: SA 516 Gr. 70N for shell, SS304 for Tubes and flanges

No. of Tube: 16pcs

ASME “U” Stamp

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