The oil-gas-water three-phase separating and boosting skid produced by HC has been successfully dilivered to Shaanxi, which is an integrated skid-mounted equipment for separation, pressurization and transportation oil, gas and water produced by oil and gas wells.

The oil-gas-water three-phase separating and boosting skid includes heating furnace, three-phase separator and boosting skid, which can realize ground pressurization, separation and measuring equipment pressure, temperature, and oil-gas-water output. It has the functions of automatic data processing, automatic temperature control of water bath heater, oil level control, oil-water interface control, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow calculation, curve drawing, data management, zero point correction, automatic report generation and printing, etc., so as to realize automatic drainage, oil drainage and sewage discharge. The equipment can also automatically switch between separation and boosting systems as required by the user.

In addition, the data collected on site can also be transmitted to the base station in real time and issued on the station according to the needs of users.

Currently, in the surface gathering and transportation process of the oilfield, the produced liquid of the oil well enters the separation buffer tank of the transfer station after metering. The separated gas is either used in the station or sent to the natural gas processing station, and the separated water-containing crude oil is pressurized by the transfer pump and then sent to the joint station.

However, with the extension of development time, the oilfield development entered a period of high water cut, and a large amount of produced water in the oil well liquid is first transported to the joint station and then back to the oil well. The round-trip transportation of water increases the construction cost and transportation energy consumption of water transmission pipeline, which does not meet the requirements of high-efficiency and energy-saving development of the oilfield. Therefore, HC has specially developed and manufactured this skid-mounted equipment to integrate the functions of oil-gas-water three-phase separation, crude oil (liquid) pressurized transportation and other functions. 

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