Sand production from oil wells is one of the main factors causing the abrasion of surface gathering and transportation pipeline network and the instability of crude oil treatment equipment. In the past, the tubular desander was usually used for sand removal, but this desander has a drawback, that is, when there is large viscosity of the backflow liquid phase fluid, the filter screen is particularly prone to blockage and can not remove sand effectively. Therefore, the cyclone desander was later developed. The cyclone desander can safely and efficiently remove the solid particles in the well fluid under the condition of high viscosity of liquid phase fluid, and can perform accurate measurement, greatly reduce or avoid the damage of downstream surface equipment, prolong the service life of test equipment and improve operation safety. 

HC high-pressure desander for gas well is to set a cyclone in the high-pressure desander tank to introduce the wellbore fluid tangentially into the flow pipe to generate a combined spiral vortex motion, and realize separation and effective sand discharge under the action of centrifugation by using the density difference of each phase of the fluid in the wellbore. The equipment is installed in the well site and is used for post fracturing fluid trial production, post perforation formation sand production well test, trial production and other occasions in oil and gas exploration and development. It can effectively protect surface equipment such as pipeline, choke manifold, three-phase separator and heating furnace, and effectively prevent safety accidents caused by solid particles in the equipment.

There are two types of high-pressure desanders for gas wells, filter type and cyclone type, which can be applied in different conditions. According to meet various requirements, HC is able to make the design according to different needs of users to meet different requirements. 

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