A vehicle-mounted two-phase separator manufactured by HC has been delivered to Yan'an, and will be sent to the site for commissioning after the customer's inspection.

The separator is mainly composed of electrical control box, instrument control box, base, two-phase separator, valve and instrument. The overall equipment is with compact structure, highly integrated functions, high operation efficiency, less occupied area, convenient operation and maintenance, which is conducive to the refined management of oilfield production. The equipment is with the design pressure of 9.8MPa and the design temperature of 80℃, which can be used in oil fields and natural gas wells.

HC has an experienced technical team that is able to provide customized services according to the special needs of users. Our vehicle-mounted two-phase separator adopts skid-mounted design, which can be used for unstable production and relocation. The design is convenient for handling and hoisting, which can greatly save the cost of disassembly and transportation for users.

So far, two-phase separator of HC has been widely used in Daqing, Yan'an, Jingbian, Yulin, Shandong, Tianjin and other oil and gas fields, and exported to Nigeria, Egypt, Myanmar, India, Russia and other countries, which has been highly praised by users. HC will give full play to its scientific and technological advantages to provide customers with high-quality products and first-class services.

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